Norala Sound Studio

102 E. 2nd St., Sheffield, AL

In 1965, FAME songwriter and WLAY disc jockey Quin Ivy opened Quinvy Recording Studio in downtown Sheffield, across the street from the Tune Town record store (which Ivy also owned). The fledgling studio was technically a competitor, but FAME president Rick Hall had given the new venture his blessing.

“I saw that Rick was getting a lot of calls from people who were interested in making a record. Rick would give them some outlandish price because he just didn’t have time to fool with them. I saw an opportunity to take some of that work off his hands, and Rick said he thought it was a great idea.” –Quin Ivy

Hall even let Quinvy borrow FAME’s rhythm section, although Ivy had to compensate the musicians in free studio time initially, because he couldn’t afford to pay them. Ivy’s fortunes began to change when, in late 1965, he recorded Percy Sledge’s “When a Man Loves a Woman” at Quinvy.

“Quin called and said he had a song he wanted me to hear. I had him bring it over here one Sunday and play it, and he asked me, ‘What do you think?’ I had him play it again. I said, ‘It’s a smash.’” –Rick Hall

Hall then contacted Jerry Wexler of Atlantic Records, and the rest, as they say, is history. Following the success of Sledge's single, Ivy was able to build a new, larger studio facility on Broadway Street, where he moved in 1968. The original Quinvy building on 2nd Street in Sheffield no longer stands, but its location is commemorated by an Alabama Tourism Department historical marker.


• Quin Ivy

• Quin Ivy
• Marlin Greene

• Marlin Greene (guitar)
• Jeanie Greene (vocals)
Donna Thatcher (vocals)
• Sue Pilkington (vocals)
• Mary Holladay (vocals)


• The Mosriters, “On the Run”
• The Mosriters, “Treat Her Right”

• Percy Sledge, When a Man Loves a Woman

• Percy Sledge, “When a Man Loves a Woman”
• Percy Sledge, Warm and Tender Soul

• Percy Sledge, “Warm and Tender Love”
• Mickey Buckins, “Silly Girl”

• Percy Sledge, The Percy Sledge Way
• Percy Sledge, “Out of Left Field”
• Don Varner, “Down in Texas”
• Ted Taylor, “Feed the Flame”
• The Wee Juns, “Out of the Clear Blue Sky”
• Ben E. King, “Don't Take Your Sweet Love Away from Me”

• Eddy Mitchell, De Londres a Memphis*
• Bobby Heathcote, “Destroyed”
• Percy Sledge, “Cover Me”

• Percy Sledge, “Take Time to Know Her”
• Bill Brandon, “Rainbow Road”
• Tony Borders, “Cheaters Never Win”